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Words are one of the most powerful things in the world. Marriages, friendships, relationships, businesses, companies are started from words. And wars are started over words. Friendships and marriages have ended over words along with business deals, companies and other things. Words are extremely important. They can heal or wound, entice or break a person, bring laughter or tears to others, bring hope or despair to someone, and can break hearts or harden them. So, when did we start throwing words around so casually without any thought about the repercussions?

The-tongue-has-no-bones-but-is-strong-enough-to-break-a-heart-So-be-careful-with-your-wordsimage from

I am southern born and bred and where we come from in the deep south, the word “hon” is as common as breathing. There is no sentimental attachment to it and is just something people say as part of their culture. Let others from another area come in and some will find it “sweet” and some will…

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