You might be a (fill in the blank), if…

Creativity reigns supreme

Can You Vague That Up For Me?


So, this week’s blog post prompt was a kind of fill in the blank thing. The I thought about going with writer or knitter or sewer, or cross stitcher…but I was having trouble narrowing it down. So, I finally decided on…

You might be pathologically creative, if…

…if you call various family members to the bathroom door while you’re in the shower to take notes on your latest story ideas.

…if you regularly buy fabric or yarn that you have no clue what you’ll use it for, just that you’ll eventually use it. (Sometimes, the emphasis falls heavily on the “eventually”.)

…if you can identify DMC floss colors by number just by seeing the color or by color just by seeing the number.

…if you routinely save random bits and pieces of things because you know you’ll eventually be able to use them in an art project of some kind.

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