For you…

Ginni bites!

If it were for you

I would walk on coals

Red hot warning

Blistering soles

I would cross a river

via rope bridge

Stay in a hotel

Without a fridge

For you I would walk

500 miles

Go backwards round

The shopping aisles

I’d run to catch you

In kiss chase

Embrace you

In a public place

Would tell you my most

Secret thoughts

Show empathy

When you’re distraught

To see you happy

I’d pay the price

I’d even give up

My last slice

I’d give you my last

Penny or dime

Write a poem

And make it rhyme

Would bake for you

A carrot cake

Ride a raft

Across a lake

Would follow you

Into the sea

Give everything

You ask of me

For you I’d do most


To have you feel

The joy I’d bring

Though sometime

We must make a deal

For you to know

My hearts…

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