Never Want To Lose Weight.

Positive outlook-love it!

Greenbird Living

Pexels Wild Woman Greenbird Living

If you want to change your body at all – do it for health!

Losing weight and eating less are all negative words in the sense that they mean that something is being taken away. I think language is very important, and I don’t think our brains can totally comprehend these words. If you think of eating less – you have to therefore think of eating. If you think of losing weight, you might have the sense of something being taken away and that can feel unpleasant.

Changing words to positives and specifics have a huge impact.

Gain muscle. Run 5k. Speak kinder to myself, by repeating affirmations and mantras. These are actual, tangible goals to reach for. Rather than ambiguous concepts that leave you feeling lost and confused as to what to do.

If you want to lose weight, then you can spend a lot of mental energy planning…

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