Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes!

Yes please!

Jane's Patisserie

Minty & Moist Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, topped with a Mint Buttercream and a Yummy Chocolate Drizzle!


I have aaaaalways loved Chocolate, and Cupcakes, and Minty things… so this combination seemed perfect. And it definitely was! I love using Mint in Buttercream and in Sponge mixes as it makes it a subtle yet perfect amount of flavour.. and the extra crunch almost of the chocolate chips is seriously delicious.

This is another request made by my Facebook followers, and I am so glad that it was asked for – I lovelovelove these cupcakes and I hope they go down well with you guys too!


Cupcakes are those treats that satisfy my need for cake perfectly. I admit that Mint & Chocolate is more of a Christmassy combination, but I like this sort of thing anytime of the year – just because its July doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something Christmas like!…

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