Salmon Temari Sushi [recipe]

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Temari means “thread ball” in Japanese. These cute ball-shaped sushi are made for joyous occasions, aren’t they adorable? I made an assortment of these back in May for Mother’s Day. They may look super fancy, but the only “special tool” required is plastic wrap. This is also great if you don’t really know how to shape sushi rolls or nigiris. They are so fun to make and guaranteed to impress!


Besides salmon sashimi and other raw fish, you can use lots of different toppings to top these sushi, such as: avocado, shrimp, thinly sliced vegetables (cucumber, radish, carrots…etc. using a mandolin), eggs (whisk and cook it like a crepe in a skillet, then roll up the egg “crepe” and thinly slice it to shreds), radish, ikura and massago (fish roes), wasabi, edamame, nori (toasted seaweed)…etc.

Here’s the platter I made, not bad right? No sushi-making training required, just need a…

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