Peach Spice Cake With Hazelnut Glaze





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All these fruit recipes I’ve been posting lately, you would think I’ve gone fruit bezerk lol. But there’s just nothing like God’s gift to us in nature.

This cake tastes almost pie like, a touch of peach cobbler blended in. My husband feel in love with it! When he got home from work, he was almost tempted to skip supper and dig straight into the cake lol. Of course I made him wait lol.



I decided when I made this cake, I was gonna use a quiche/tart pan instead of a regular pan, but you can use the regular cake pan if you want.

I used canned peaches because the peaches at my local grocery store didn’t look too fresh. I’d suggest using fresh if possible. They just taste best and give a nicer look to the cake.

I added just a sprinkle of cinnamon on top to give it…

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