Have you tried Flower Bombing yet?

Just gorgeous!

Growing Snowballs - How to Save Time & Money in your Life

Rainbow Seed Bombs

The Flower Bomb [ aka The Seed Bomb or Green Hand Grenade]  is designed to enable seeds to be sown in hard to reach places.  This enables gardeners to achieve plants and flowers in unexpected places.

They are easy to make repurposing items you already have at home:

The Classic Bomb

Seeds are mixed in with clay, compost and a little water to mould and bind into hand-sized balls ready for throwingClassic Seed-bomb

seedbomb easter eggsExplosive Eggs

Repurpose your eggshells by piecing your raw eggs each end and blowing out the yolk and white. Make one of the holes in the shell large enough so you can insert your seed and soil mixture

Note:  Make a funnel using paper to make it easier to fillfunnel_made_from_notebook_paper_m

As the eggshells will take a few weeks to decompose [ or even months depending on your local climate ] it is best to throw them against a wall or…

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