Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth: 4 songs to make you HAPPY

Music to make me smile!

a Sprinkle of Happiness

Okay people! So here goes: my first ever blog post for A Sprinkle of Happiness. *Squeals excitedly!* And what better way to start than with 4 of my favourite songs with a happy theme! So wack these on your playlist entitled Monday Morning Fist Pumping Tunes and blast them out of the car stereo (or iPod headphones or whatever musical device you use? Sony Walkman? Whatever.) and get listening:

Okay, so let’s be honest the obvious choice that springs to mind is Happy by Pharrell Williams, and why not? It’s a catchy, upbeat song that will make you think of cute minions, and if nothing else that’s enough to make me smile! Although some lyrics seem a little dubious (How am I supposed to know what a room feels like without a roof? I’m not entirely sure happy would be the right term…) it is a great song…

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