How to Write a Novel Synopsis

Vintage Grace


You can write the synopsis before or after you complete the novel, but I like to do it before as it helps give me direction on the story. However, if I feel that the story needs to go in a different direction, I simply update my proposal synopsis when I finish writing and am ready to send it out into the publishing world, but the trick is to make it irresistible, simple and eye-catching…kind of like a teacup of fresh fruit.

In my opinion, a synopsis is one of THE HARDEST things to write. After sending out my manuscripts and getting some feedback, I have learned a few things about writing a synopsis:

1. Write it in the present tense, the third person and make sure it matches the tone of your novel.

2. It’s a 2-3 page single-spaced summary. Don’t include every detail. As novelists, it’s tempting to write an overly…

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