Straight Cheesin’

Well this made me smile!

A Ramblin' Man

Smile a little bit today! I know it’s a Wednesday, and for many of us that means that we’ve hit the halfway point of the work week. We’re in the position where the last weekend’s joys are fading into the past while the future weekend’s joys are still two full days away from being realities. It’s the bottom of the valley that is “the work week.” Smiling probably isn’t high on your priority list, but I’m telling you that smiling is going to help a lot.

Take a break and look at funny pictures (go on 9gag or something) and smile at those. When you’re doing a task that doesn’t take much concentration, listen to comedy on Pandora (Bill Burr and Ron White are my favorites.) Roll your chair over to the next cubicle and tell a joke that makes you both laugh. Whatever it is, try to smile today.


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