You Are Something (poem)

Lovely poem



You are something to me,
my little bear,

I am so weak and little,
there is nothing I can do yet,
but YOU seem to stare in silence,
know that everything is bound to turn their heads away,
to miss the meaning, to reveal not what’s real,
be dimmed in your luster,
be stopped in your tracks,
but YOU stayed strong for me,
I became energetic again because of YOU.
You know the facts, the real message and the fact that I am human, not sub-human or anything,
nothing shall separate me from YOU, my bear,
nothing shall make me come up with funny things,
even if they call me names or something that upsets me,
I will go forward, strike a pose, smile all my smiles, for I am YOU,
I will be active my bear, for your sadness cracks me up,
quite literally, you make me come up…

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