THE CANE TOAD (An Ode to Queensland)




Author: Frances Harris

They said you were the answer,

Smarmy little toad,

You look at me with servile eyes,

Then hop off down the road,

Your skin is tough and warty

Invasive little pest,

I don’t know what you’re doing here,

Now you’re heading west,

The Cane fields were degraded,

The farmers asked for tips,

Eaten by a beetle pest,

The cane crop chewed to bits,

With grim determination,

We brought you to our home,

Invasive little toady,

We never thought you’d roam,

You filled up dams and pastures,

Tadpoles choke the streams,

Slimy little fellow,

Now determined to be seen,

Even if we poke you,

Gently with a stick,

You sit there like a pudding,

Your feet don’t even kick,

Cane toad you’re a marvel,

You blink: then blink again,

And if we try to wipe you out,

You come back just the same,

We have…

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