Cheaters Pops

Happy pops!


I have kids in school.. So every so often there is a cake to bake , a birthday to cater to a bunch of preschoolers…

Lucky me ,we live in Switzerland, so there is no dodgy no nuts, no eggs, only store bought stuff policy like in schools outside this country.

My fallback option for” I almost forgot”  days are those sneaky cheaters cake pops.

No need for the oven, no silicon molds used and it takes longer to clean up than to make them!

They look impressive, taste yummy, are not too big and best of all, the kids can help make them.

You need:

Some store bought sponge cake ( one cake and one packet of cream cheese make roughly 18 pops, depending on size and how many wrecked pops end up in your tummy )

I always buy two times the cheese and cake and make more…

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