My Sky

You could be happy…

A Story of Urban Life

What can I do
to make you see
that your days could be beautiful
without a man to please?

You could be happy
with a mind of your own.
You could be free
in the night, alone.

You could let go
if you would just believe
that love frees like the sky
not these tangled, dark trees.

And you should be loved
from mind to body,
not a thing for some nights,
sparingly over weeks.

You are so smart,
they don’t want you to see
the world needs people like you,
if only your mind were free.

Free to run wild and fly
without a man to please,
and instead with a man
who doesn’t need your sympathy.

Free to think and talk
of how our world should be,
to add some hope
to how we live and lead.

My mind has tried
in so many ways,
its my heart thats the trouble –
I’m just a girl, ‘sentimental’.

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