Donuts have ironic sprinkles.

Some times its the small victories that bring the most glory!

the burgs

A while back I gingerly crept downstairs after everyone was asleep to eat a donut over the kitchen sink.  I’m not blogging about this for pity or to publicly shame myself.  If I wanted to do that I would talk about my late 20s.

No instead it’s to paint a picture of me and donuts – a toxic relationship.  I would sell my own mother for a dozen donuts – I don’t really care for her to begin with – but you get the point – I like a the donut.  You are going to give me a cupcake with a hole in the middle, covered in frosting, and call it breakfast?  Sign me up!

I don’t think there is anything better out there in the mornings.  But I digress…donuts are yummy and fill a hole inside my chubby little heart.  If there was a symbol for my struggles it would…

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