Monday Musings

Such a pretty dress too

Beauty for Ashes

Pensée du jour: ‘La vie est faite de détails, mais un détail peut changer une vie.’ Rémi Goyer
And in English: ‘Life is made up of details, but one detail can change a life.’ Rémi Goyer
The one detail that can change your life, is the day you decide to no longer be a victim of your past. Absolutely EVERYTHING changes on that day. You’ll find yourself no longer subject to the enemy’s taunts and insults. You’ll find yourself stronger, more courageous, daring and confident in allowing the winds of change to kiss your face that for so long was enveloped in the painful shadow that the past had cast. Your spirit is now strengthened by God, instead of it being moulded by circumstance, it is now moulded by the hands of the Son of Man who loves you and won’t let any harm come to you.
As you plan…

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