Happiness Journal No. 3

Closer Every Day

Hello lovelies!

It is time for another installment of my happiness journal! Let’s just get to it..


  1. Not having to order my Starbucks drink (the people that work at the one near my work just know what I get. I started ordering from the new manager and one of the other guys handed him the sleeve he’d already filled out. It’s little things like that, in customer service, that mean the most!)
  2. Busy mornings (I spend a lot of time bored, at my day job – so I really enjoy when I actually have lots to do. Makes the time fly!)
  3. This series (is that what you call posts that you make multiples of…? I’m gonna go with that. I’m grateful for this series because knowing that I have to write it keeps me focusing on the positives in my life.)
  4. High heels (Oh my gosh, how have I…

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