Feeling Of Love

Sweet story



“That’s tasty wifey” I said and hugged her. She gave this broad smile (‘breath of fresh air for me’). I offered her a bite and she suddenly went back a little and said, “Jaan you know I make this only for you otherwise bhindi(also known as Lady’s finger or Okra) and me? No ways!! You know how much I hate it”

I just gave a funny smile and said “n you know how much I love you for that? Don’t you?” she again leaned on me and said “Yes I know..I love you too…”

I dunno how you people feel about being in love…but whenever she leans on me and says ‘I love you too…’ I just could feel that my life is at its best…there is lot of work pressure, and I know I am not able to satisfy little needs of my family but I am happy..Only reason…

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